SBA 504 Program

Current Fixed Rates (SBA/SEED portion):

Real Estate Loans: (20-Year Debenture as of May 2018)
5.30% (Current Rate)
3.56 (Auction Rate) + 1.74% (Servicing Fee)*

Equipment Loans: (10-Year Debenture as of May 2018)
5.04% (Current Rate)
3.30 (Auction Rate) + 1.74% (Servicing Fee)*

*The SBA Servicing Fee varies among agencies and will impact the client’s effective rate. SEED’s Servicing Fee is one of the lowest in the region!


Revolving Loan Fund

5% Fixed with Bank Participation
6% Fixed without Bank Participation
Up to 10 years with options to amortize over longer periods or establish seasonal schedules as needed.

Micro Loan Fund

6% Fixed
Up to six years with the option to establish seasonal schedules as needed.

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