Small Business Spotlight
Eastex Products
Plymouth, MA
"Our experience with Laurie Driscoll and SEED was a pleasure! We needed to expand due to steady growth and would not have been able to make this move without SEED. Laurie worked with us in a steady, speedy, and friendly manner to enable the final transaction. As a result, Eastex will continue to grow into the future making new hires and contributing to the community. Thank you Laurie and SEED"
John Kimball and Eric Hill, Owners

Eastex Products, Inc. 

Plymouth, MA 
Project Total: $2,750,000    
504 Total: $1,135,000
Building Acquisition 
Job Creation: 3
Lending Team: Rob Leary, Dedham Savings and Laurie Driscoll, SEED 


Founded in 1996, Eastex Products, Inc. is a textile wholesale business specializing in providing state-of-the-art fabric and fabric lamination services to a wide range of customers. From tactical fabrics for military gear to neoprene materials used in the medical field, owners Eric Hill and John Kimball have built up a reputation for excellent customer service that delivers the highest-quality products.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, this 25 year company has been instrumental in ensuring healthcare industry professionals have a wide range of PPE solutions. Their expertise, global manufacturing resources, and innovative technologies have been a key part of their success and continue to drive the business forward. 

Visit their website to learn more about the business.


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Business Hours:
Mon-Thu 8am-5pm
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