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  • Lines on Paper, Inc.
  • Quincy, MA
  • "My business surged during the pandemic due to virtual learning creating a higher demand for our products. Over the past two years, the growth has continued and we have expanded our brand in ways not previously attainable. SEED has been instrumental in helping us meet the financial needs for these changes. Their efforts not only provided the necessary funding, but it also gave me an infectious boost of confidence in my ability to lead this company."
  • Cynthia Perkins, Owner

Lines on Paper, Inc.

Quincy, MA
Loan Amount: $10,000
Working Capital
Job Creation: 2
Lender: Jessica Mello


Lines on Paper, Inc. was established by Cynthia Perkins in 2017, and specializes in the design and manufacture of journals, planners, and interactive self-help booklets. All products are created by Cynthia and feature embellishments sourced from local artists and graphic designers. The veteran-owned business has a wide range of writing tools developed for all ages and has partnered with numerous local organizations including schools, youth groups, and the US Department of Veteran's Affairs Office in Massachusetts.

Cynthia's online store features standard journal templates, as well as commissions for custom-ordered journals, planners, and educational tools. Cynthia works closely with her clients to create unique designs specific to the needs of the customer.

For more information about the business, and to view her online store, visit www.linesonpaperinc.com.



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